Chillane [22 Female Kottayam 2012]


Finally summer is here!.You are looking forward to grandparents’ visit, summer camp, swim classes, weekend trips and all. I have to remember to buy some art supplies for you. Hopefully that will keep you entertained for some hours everyday. Your art work is becoming better and better each day. I was blown away by the dinosaur(your favorite subject) you drew the other day at school. More than anything, I think you are waiting to sleep in every morning for next couple of months. 😛 No more of mommy’s “Wake up! Unnikuttan” so early in the morning for sometime, huh?. I think your dad will be the happiest, because on some days, right after I call you, you turn to your dad, wake him up and say “Daddy, wake me up after 5 mins, ok?” and go back to sleep. 😀

Here is one of our preferred songs for a long drive.  I think this is the closest Malayalam has for rock. It is a beautiful song with nice lyrics and even better music.   I know you love the electric guitar in this. 🙂

Chillaane… ninnudal minnana chillu
Theeveyil thokkane chillu
[Glass….Your body is like twinkling glass
A glass who withstands even fiery sunlight]
Poovaane… thenthulli chorane penne
Poovandukalkkulil pore…
[You are a flower…girl, you ooze nectar
Come inside the flower beetles]
Oru chandhanakkaattile thennalu porunne
Nee pokumvazhi nin poovudal moodunne
[A breeze is blowing touching the Sandalwood trees
And it envelopes your soft body wherever you go]
Penne ninne kaanan…
Thaarakam maanathu vanne
[Girl, to watch you,
the star appeared in the sky]

Chillaane… ponvaiyil minnana chillu
Oh kallaane… Venthinkal mookkuthi kallu
[Glass…the golden sunbeams reflects off you
Rock…The moon is a rock on your nose pin…]
Nira chempaka thoppile chithra pathangangal
Nee paadunna paattile ponmadhu thedunne
[The butterflies in the woods with chempaka* trees…
is searching for the golden honey in your song]
Penne ninne pulkaan…
Maarivil thaazhathu vanne
[Girl, to embrace you
the rainbow came down to earth]

Chillaane ponveyil minnana chillu
Oh kallaane… Venthinkal mookkuthi kallu…
[Glass…the golden sunbeams reflects off you
Rock…The moon is a rock on your nose pin…]

*Chempakam or Frangipani is a flowering tree with a sweet smelling flower.


7 responses to “Chillane [22 Female Kottayam 2012]

  1. I have already mentioned in my earlier comments too….that I love reading your notes, the small bits of your domesticity..the interactions with unnikuttan, his habits, its something which makes me smile…may be because I love kids or may be cos I have a over motherly affection within me. Have you studied music? I can never differentiate the genre of music, the instruments played, its when you mention in the notes, I realize “oh yea!” “its so and so”

    This line “Rock…The moon is a rock on your nose pin…”…I loved that part…instead of rock, stone would be better right? or pebble may be..

    Again for the first time I am noticing the meaning of the lyrics of this song..usually there are some songs which makes me forget, after the first line, I just flow along the music and tune out of the lyrics,… chillanee is one such song…Thanks!

    • Thanks DM… :)… Unnikuttan is more fun when he’s sleepy… 😉

      I haven’t studied music at all.. 😀 . Music direction and singing were done by Aviyal’s leads and with the heavy use of electric guitar, it has to be rock… :).. Do you like their ‘Aana Kallan’ from Salt n’ Pepper?

      Yeah, stone is good for gemstones… Pebble, I don’t know, it kind of shrinks moon’s power, don’t you think?…I went with rock because I was thinking of diamonds on the nose pin as in the usage “Did you see the rock on her finger?” ( 😯 ) for engagement rings… Lol…

      You are right about Chillane’s feel…It just makes you want to kick back and enjoy… You now see why this is preferred for long drives, don’t you? 🙂

      • Aviyal band when they started itself, I keep hearing about them…Even though Rock isn’t my cup of tea, I have heard them…yes, Aana Kallan, I have heard…though it not my favourite type of music, something about the picturization of that song has caught my interest and the music keeps popping up when some similar situation happens in real life…

        Why I meant pebble is, on a moonlit night, the pebbles near a lake shore shines right? I dunno, the romantic in me finds it enchanting…oh talking about beaches, moonlight, pebbles, takes me back to the emerald Isles…I miss the story like anything…today morning while doing an experiment too I was thinking of that epilogue, of Krishna, Kathy, and the enigmatic Raizada…Sigh! #Nostalgic…Need to poke Meera..

        Chillane has immense “power” feel I guess…the way it is describing Rima in that movie …the lyrics were perfect and the music did rock!!

        • Ha ha… You are THE romantic!…Now I see why you said pebbles… You are right about chillane describing Rima’s character in the movie…So does the other song – Melle Kollum…I love both equally.

  2. 🙂 That I am!! Hopelessly Romantic!!

  3. Shoot. How did I miss this?

    Love this one and Melle Kollum from this movie.

    Although I have mixed feelings about the way the movie ended, I liked both Fahad and Rima in the movie.

    If possible, please blog more. You have great taste in music and love reading the accompanying notes to it.

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