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Chillane [22 Female Kottayam 2012]


Finally summer is here!.You are looking forward to grandparents’ visit, summer camp, swim classes, weekend trips and all. I have to remember to buy some art supplies for you. Hopefully that will keep you entertained for some hours everyday. Your art work is becoming better and better each day. I was blown away by the dinosaur(your favorite subject) you drew the other day at school. More than anything, I think you are waiting to sleep in every morning for next couple of months. 😛 No more of mommy’s “Wake up! Unnikuttan” so early in the morning for sometime, huh?. I think your dad will be the happiest, because on some days, right after I call you, you turn to your dad, wake him up and say “Daddy, wake me up after 5 mins, ok?” and go back to sleep. 😀

Here is one of our preferred songs for a long drive.  I think this is the closest Malayalam has for rock. It is a beautiful song with nice lyrics and even better music.   I know you love the electric guitar in this. 🙂

Chillaane… ninnudal minnana chillu
Theeveyil thokkane chillu
[Glass….Your body is like twinkling glass
A glass who withstands even fiery sunlight]
Poovaane… thenthulli chorane penne
Poovandukalkkulil pore…
[You are a flower…girl, you ooze nectar
Come inside the flower beetles]
Oru chandhanakkaattile thennalu porunne
Nee pokumvazhi nin poovudal moodunne
[A breeze is blowing touching the Sandalwood trees
And it envelopes your soft body wherever you go]
Penne ninne kaanan…
Thaarakam maanathu vanne
[Girl, to watch you,
the star appeared in the sky]

Chillaane… ponvaiyil minnana chillu
Oh kallaane… Venthinkal mookkuthi kallu
[Glass…the golden sunbeams reflects off you
Rock…The moon is a rock on your nose pin…]
Nira chempaka thoppile chithra pathangangal
Nee paadunna paattile ponmadhu thedunne
[The butterflies in the woods with chempaka* trees…
is searching for the golden honey in your song]
Penne ninne pulkaan…
Maarivil thaazhathu vanne
[Girl, to embrace you
the rainbow came down to earth]

Chillaane ponveyil minnana chillu
Oh kallaane… Venthinkal mookkuthi kallu…
[Glass…the golden sunbeams reflects off you
Rock…The moon is a rock on your nose pin…]

*Chempakam or Frangipani is a flowering tree with a sweet smelling flower.